Reptile profiles with care sheets and blog with articles about taxonomy and breeding.

Welcome to ReptileTalk NET

We are collecting and providing you with basic care guidelines and practices from breeders all over the world, based on their expertise and long-established experience with every individual species. We are proud to host one of the biggest databases on the internet of care guidelines for pet reptiles.

We’re passionate about helping beginners and experienced keepers improve their knowledge and, therefore, establish better environments for their pet reptiles. Make sure to check daily our website for updates or new additions.

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Reptile Profile Database

We are working day by day to increase the number of reptile profiles, including species of snakes, lizards and chelonia. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask us to include new profiles.

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Reptile Blog Articles

Alongside the reptile profiles we also have a Reptile Blog with articles about species taxonomy, breeding procedures of various species and reptile related news.

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Slider Competition

Every month the most voted photos from our Facebook page will be featured as slider images. Feel free to send us high quality pictures in order to participate in the competition.

Latest additions in Care Guideline Database

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