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  • Scandinavian Herpetological Symposium 2018
    Scandinavian Herpetological Symposium was off the hook. A very well organized event with great speakers.
  • Bioactivity
    This article from Zack Tippie is a "getting started" overview for bioactivity, appropriate custodians, plants and bioactive husbandry moving forward.
  • Acrantophis dumerili Breeding
    Henry Blogg describes in detail his Acrantophis dumerili breeding procedure and how to take care of the neonates for the first couple of weeks.
  • Simalia amethistina Breeding
    Laurence Kenchington describes his Simalia amethistina breeding procedure step by step from preseason preparations until the establishment of neonates.
  • Taming The Blood Python
    Keith McPeek, based on his long time experience answers one common question, how can I calm down my Blood python.
  • Brumation Guide
    OK it is getting to that time of year now, so here is a general overview of how Francis Cosquieri brumates his snakes and some of his lizards.
  • Ctenosaura defensor Breeding
    Angelo D'alessandro describes and showcases the procedure he followed step by step to successfully breed Ctenosaura defensor.
  • Iguana Taming Process
    Shaun Dixon describes his proven method of Iguana taming down to detail in a lengthy article in order to help current and future Iguana iguana owners.
  • Caribbean Costa Rica Herping Guideline
    This article showcases a Costa Rica herping guideline from Doc Frog Expeditions. Costa Rica is one of those countries all nature lovers want to visit.
  • Sand Boa Breeding Considerations
    So you wanna be a sand boa breeder.. Here is an article guaranteed to get your minds thinking about sand boa breeding by Ken Leach.
  • Green Iguana Breeding Season
    Shaun Dixon provides hints and tips about the Green Iguana Breeding Season and explains his personal experience on the topic.
  • Hydrodynastes gigas Breeding
    Kyle WIlson describes how his procedure for Hydrodynastes gigas breeding. A nice article with image for every step of the way.
  • Fake Walls Enrichment
    So Francis Cosquieri‎ has had a few people querying how and why he provides fake rock walls to as many of his animals as possible.